The Big Lunch

What are you doing for the Big Lunch on 19th July? Are you having a party in your street? It’s a Very AYL idea and it would be great if lots of Activators could be involved. Log on to and see the amazing website full of ideas and great reasons to be involved. Let’s use this space to share our ideas together.

1 thought on “The Big Lunch”

  1. Cathy Hemsley

    My neighbour (not a Christian) and I did a BBQ last year and invited everyone on the street. Only a few actually came, but just having the excuse to knock on doors and introduce myself was good! We are going to do the same again this year, on a different day to the Big Lunch (as she is away on the 19th). Its a good way to get to know more of our neighbours, and I hope a few more will feel confident enough to come this year. Maybe if we do it every year it will help build up a sense of community, that’s what I hope! Anyone else planning anything? Cathy

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