Month: August 2012

“Would you like to come to church with me?” Back To Church Sunday 30 September 2012

Millions of people who don’t go to church would say yes to an invitation from a friend. What if you were that friend? Who would you invite?
At Activate Your Life, we know that it is vital to build friendships with people who are currently outside of our church communities. We believe it’s important that people know us well and trust us enough to accept our invitations and ask us their faith questions.
Back to Church Sunday has caught on in churches everywhere because it is so simple. Since 2004 a quarter of a million people have said yes to the prayerful invitation of a friend.
Each year more churches take part and more people come back per church. In 2011, across all denominations about 77,000 extra people attended church that day.
And at its heart it is the oldest idea of all, the one that made shepherds leave their flocks, fishermen leave their nets, and tax collectors climb out of trees. Someone invited them.
Of course you can invite your friend to church any Sunday and every Sunday. And of course it’s vital that our first aim is to connect people to God rather than just to ‘church’. But Back to Church Sunday can help you take a step in sharing your faith: inviting someone you know to something you love.
For more information about Back to Church Sunday go to

“I don’t think I know anyone who goes to church?”

Have you seen the film- Salmon Fishing in the Yemen? I enjoyed it, with it’s quirky plot and beautiful Morrocan scenery. Ewan McGregor plays an interesting character, struggling with his marriage and job and beginning to question the issue of faith, as he starts an improbable project and encounters the Muslim faith of those around him.
At one point, whilst watching Yemeni tribesmen praying, he says-
“I don’t think I know anyone who goes to church. We go to Tesco on Sundays.”
I found this sad, is this how we are in Britain today? So lacking in people of faith that an average person doesn’t even know anyone who goes to church. We have a big job to do, being the salt and light in our communities and perhaps being the only person in our street or neighbourhood who does actually have a faith.
It makes our role all the more vital, make sure that those around you know about your faith. Stand out. be distinctive. Show God’s love. scours the web and works with partner organisations to find the best Christian videos, images, news and articles. The website aims to help us share our faith as part of our everyday online experience. Their blog often provides further explanation of specific videos which could be useful when preparing a thought provoking five minutes slot for an event. Alternatively, the videos could just be run in the background of an event. There is also a category search which helps find a video linked to a particular theme.

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