We absolutely loved our CHRISTMAS CLICK event: Christmas Island Discs.

You can now catch up with the videos by following the links below. We have also compiled a playlist on YouTube with the videos and the songs chosen by each of our speakers.


Christmas Island Discs was a series of ten videos produced by Activate Your Life. The women in the videos range from 18-80!  Each has her own perspective on this Christmas season and each has a story to tell, inspired by a favourite carol or Christmas song.

Take ten minutes to sit back and watch each video, then click the links to enjoy the carols we’ve chosen.

These episodes will make you laugh and cry.  They’ll remind you of the real meaning of Christmas.  Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to share them with friends and family.  We hope they trigger memories of Christmas past, and inspire you to make the most of Christmas present, however that may look this year.

Above all, by reaching out to you, we hope you feel part of a community; a community of women who enjoy making friends and sharing God’s love in meaningful ways.  This is what Activate Your Life is all about.

We’d love you to join us live at 7pm on Facebook, from 12th-21st December 2020.  We’ll be online during and after the videos and it would be great to hear from you if you’d like to chat!

If you can’t make the daily slot, catch up here on YouTube.  Subscribe here.

We have compiled all the videos and the songs into one playlist on Youtube:

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this series:

Rhiannon Goulding, Rachel Allcock, Esther Tregilgas, Fiona Castle, Mandy Catto, Sarah McKerney, Jaz Potter, Hayley Nock, Bekah Legg, Rachel Harris, Sarah Jones, Grace Goulding, Jenna Catto, Eden Goulding and Osa Adeghe.

We would like to thank ukjoyfulnoise for allowing us to use their song 'Comfort and Joy’ for our video. Please take a look at their website http://joyfulnoise.uk. To listen to, or buy this song, follow this link: https://songwhip.com/joyfulnoise/comfort-and-joy.

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