Fiona Castle


Fiona is Activate’s President and the longest-serving member of the team. Since Fiona became a Christian, she has always been passionate about friendship evangelism; she loves to encourage others to look outwards, to share their faith in the workplace, amongst their friends,or within their area of influence.


Mandy Catto


Now living in California, Mandy Catto lectures in spiritual formation at Biola University. Originally from Scotland, Mandy has been involved with Activate Your Life for twenty years and is one of our directors. She is passionate about evangelism and friendship and loves reading and being by the sea.


Rhiannon Goulding


Our second director, Rhiannon, is also
Activate’s Events Coordinator. Never without a project on the go, she has inspired and motivated many Christians and non-Christians to take the next step in their faith journeys, with the ultimate aim of leading people to Christ. Mum to six children, Rhiannon’s life is full of adventure, creativity, and enthusiasm!


Sarah McKerney

Sarah is an inspirational speaker and preaches regularly. She has been part of the team for many years and is now a member of the leadership board, as well as being a source of wisdom in our regular meetings. With a desire to promote authentic faith, she serves and leads in church and the wider community.Sarah is a mum to two boys at high school. She enjoys listening to The Archers when she is on long walks with her dog.


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Rachel Allcock


Involved in a handful of small groups both in and outside of church, Rachel loves to help women connect and enjoy honest relationships. Having lived in the very friendly North West for over 20 years, she has grown to love striking up conversations but is probably happiest when left in silence with chocolate, magazines, and a herbal tea.


Esther Tregilgas


Esther and her husband, Matt, have four daughters. As well as being the Social Media Coordinator for Activate Your Life, she also works for the Bishop of Blackburn. She loves leading a small group with her husband, wild swimming and relaxing with a bit of knitting.


A group of volunteers who generously use their time and God-given talents to further the work of Activate


Sarah Jones

Sarah is an church minister who is married to Peter. They live in a little seaside town in the northwest called Cleveleys. She is a passionate communicator, who loves to bring God’s truth in a relevant and inspiring way.


Lee Mansfield

With a new husband, new kids, new community, church and home, Lee has been on a steep learning curve over the past few years, and has experienced God’s guidance and healing all along the way. Lee cares passionately for her family and friends. With eight kids, she knows a thing or two about having her hands – and her heart- full to bursting.


Bekah Legg

Bekah Legg lives on the South Coast with her husband and those children who haven’t quite flown the nest! She is the Director of Restored, a charity that equips the church to stand with survivors against domestic abuse. She is passionate about seeing people flourish and become all that God created them to be. Bekah loves long walks with the dog and a glass of wine and long chat with her friends.  On very good days, she can be found curled up with a book in a sunny spot.


Hayley Nock

Hayley divides her time between co-leading California Christian Centre Birmingham with her husband Rob and working as a Nurse Practitioner. Rob and Hayley have two adult children who are both married. Hayley is passionate about people, Jesus’s mission, community and the difference God can make.


Jaz Potter

Jaz Potter has been in full-time ministry since 1996. Jaz currently serves on the leadership team at Hope Church, Bromley as an evangelist. Jaz loves to help people encounter Jesus. She loves all things creative, colourful and just a little sparkly.

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