[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]activate_jubilee_logo_final-05Activate Your Life developed out of ‘Activate’, which had previously been known as ‘Christian Viewpoint for Women’ and had started life forty years ago as ‘The Christian Ladies Luncheon Club’. The story goes that Ruth Bell Graham met some of the active Christian women in the UK on a visit forty years ago and gently challenged them to reach out directly to other women. A team of gifted and inspirational speakers, movers and shakers, including Helen Cooke, started an organisation that quickly had members and affiliated groups throughout the country. Events were often in hotels, with large numbers of invited guests listening to topical subjects, followed by a relevant gospel ‘wrap-up’ talk. Conferences in Swanick and magazines followed with more than 500 members throughout the country supporting the trustees and staff. The organisation evolved to a less speaker dominated, more relational style with a less formal structure and smaller groups meeting in a wider variety of ways. The magazines became more glossy and two excellent books were written by the fantastic Ruth Adams and Jan Harney – Unlocking the Door and Freewheeling. In recent times, sustaining an office and staff became financially unviable and magazine readership nationally fell away. The decision was taken to move to a volunteer led charity with a bigger emphasis on a network of supporters and a website dedicated to inspiring friendship evangelism.


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