We exist to equip, resource, train and inspire Christian women to be active in sharing God's love in natural, meaningful ways.

Unlocking the Door book


Learn all about what friendship evangelism means in our book Unlocking the Door. Inspiring stories from recent examples of new initiatives, changed lives and how to  overcome real struggles are sprinkled throughout the book.


Sparkling Christmas Matters 2 – Food lures

As we look at ways we can get people together this Christmas, it is becoming more and more apparent to me that the lure of a mince pie, mulled wine or full meal seems to be a well-tested formula for gathering friends and taking them to events. Here, in this list compiled at our last …

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Sparkling Christmas Matters 1: Remembering loved ones

This is an incredible image from NASA showing the bright centre of a star cluster. I’m no astrophysicist but I can see that stars clustered together shine brighter than single stars. One of my favourite verses instructs us to shine like stars in the universe. This Christmas, let’s keep working together in our groups and …

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Cosy in and listen up – The pop star

Last night I watched a childhood crush of mine ‘dad-dancing’ as he belted out all the tracks from the biggest selling album of 1989 – Ten Good Reasons. Parting with 40 quid for a seat at Blackpool Opera House felt easy: of course, it would be worth it! I love Jason Donovan, don’t I? Turns …

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