We exist to equip, resource, train and inspire Christian women to be active in sharing God's love in natural, meaningful ways.

Unlocking the Door book


Learn all about what friendship evangelism means in our book Unlocking the Door. Inspiring stories from recent examples of new initiatives, changed lives and how to  overcome real struggles are sprinkled throughout the book.


Going round in circles

One of my WhatsApp chats this week: ‘Do you feel like you’re going round and round in circles?’ ‘It’s as if I’m permanently forgetting something.’ Can you relate? Half of the adult population is on the front line, fighting the virus, half at home, going round and round in circles. All of us could have added …

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A Timely Reminder

The other day, I planted some daffodils (slightly late I know). I was in the shed and found them in a box. I’d bought them in the summer with the full intention of planting them in the garden… but I forgot.  The bag of daffodil bulbs was mangled, messy, and damp but they had started to …

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Christmas Video Series

I hope you’ve managed to catch some of our Christmas Island Discs mini videos. There are ten episodes, each one linked to, or followed by, a couple of Christmas songs. Then we’ve got a Zoom party to round it all off on Tuesday 22nd Dec.  Not to worry if you’ve missed any, you can find …

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