Unlocking the Door


Unlocking the door Evangelism in the real world.

This book contains real life stories, practical advice and a Biblical framework. There are six Bible studies for groups embedded inside, ready to promote discussion and inspire to action! The designs are eye-catching, the style is very readable.

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We are excited to announce that the new edition is now for sale online.  Published in 2014 the Activate team have updated the original great book by Ruth Adams and Jan Harney.  The book opens with a helpful discussion of what evangelism looks like today, and encourages the reader to think through what works, and what they might get involved in.  Inspiring stories from recent examples of new initiatives, changed lives and how to  overcome real struggles are sprinkled throughout the book.  There are six Bible studies for group discussion that link evangelism, the Bible and the value of each individual. The last third of the book is a celebration of practical ideas on how to develop friendships, deepen relationships, engage in community, organise events and feel confident to get started.  All wrapped up in an easy to dip into, colourful text full of helpful images.

Buy a copy for yourself, one for a friend, and a set that you can share with your home study group.  You will not regret it!

And if you are able to promote it through your Activate group, church network or a local bookshop, please get in touch and we will offer special discounts and sale-or-return books.  Help us spread this message!!

“This book takes the fear out of evangelism! It has masses of inspirational ideas of how to get alongside and make friends with those who would never think of coming to church. Plus six Bible studies too!”
Fiona Castle

“Do I believe in Friendship Evangelism? Is there any other kind?”

Danielle Strickland

“Most teaching on evangelism produces more guilt than fruit. This is a blessed exception: inspired, inventive and wonderfully encouraging. Read and live out – it works.” Revd Canon J.John

“Unlocking the Door so reminds me of what Moorlands seeks to offer – applied theology. I love its biblically- rooted, down-to-earth, practical, and creative ideas for Evangelism in the real world. Enter through this Door into a huge warehouse of tools for winning people for Christ. Hugely inspiring and highly recommended!”

Dr Steve Brady, Principal, Moorlands College


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