Month: September 2010

‘Parting of the Red Sea’

You may have read the headline recently ‘Parting of the Red Sea’ and like me been excited at how Science concurs with God’s Word!

Researchers in the US think they have narrowed down the place where Moses parted the Red Sea 3,000 years ago and also how – with a little help from an ‘east wind’.

In my excitement I went on to find out that an ‘east wind’ in the Bible means ‘revelation’!

Carl Drews of the National Centre for Atmospheric Research stated that “People have always been fascinated by the Exodus story, wondering if it comes from historical facts,” “What this study shows is that the description of the waters parting indeed has a basis in physical laws,”.

The Israelites are quoted from the Bible as going “into the midst of the sea on dry ground” with a wall of water on either side of them as a strong wind from the east blew through the night after Moses stretched his hand out over the sea.

Unfortunately the three place names used in the Bible are no longer recognized and the researchers couldn’t simply refer to the names to pin down the geographical location of the crossing although the author of Exodus tried very hard to pinpoint where Moses crossed.

Drews and his co-author Weiqing Han, an oceanographer from the University of Colorado, focused their search for where the crossing might have happened on a place where there was a bend in the water, ruling out sites used in earlier studies – in the Gulf of Suez or near Aqaba in modern-day Jordan.

They focused on a place with a bend in the water, reasoning that when the wind blows, the water would shift and split at the point of the bend, leaving water on both sides, Drews explained. “A bunch of refugees can come running across, and when the wind stops, the water suddenly goes back together again, trapping anyone who’s pursuing,” he said.

The two researchers narrowed down their hunt to a place in the eastern Nile Delta at an archaeological site later called Tell Kedua, situated north of the Suez Canal on the Mediterranean coast.

At this place, an ancient branch of the Nile and a coastal lagoon are believed to have come together in a U-shape. Satellite data was used to make a model of the area, and the terrain modified to look the way the researchers hypothesized it would have been 3,000 years ago. They then filled it with water and caused an east wind to blow over it.

According to their model, a wind blowing for 12 hours at 63 miles an hour would have pushed back waters estimated to be six feet (two meters) deep, creating a dry passage about two miles long by three miles wide that remained exposed for about four hours – enough time for Moses and the Israelites to cross, even if they were walking into the wind.

As soon as the wind stopped, the waters would have come rushing back, drowning anyone still on the relatively narrow passage, says the study published online on the Public Library of Science site.

“The simulations match fairly closely with the account in Exodus,” said Drews. “So now there’s a scientific basis for a 3,000-year-old story that we’ve seen movies of and read books, and that’s really exciting,” Drews said. Excitement all round I say!!

Ask Alison- Autumn 2010

For many couples the idea of celebrating difference is an alien concept. Most individuals seem to think that they should be able to change their partner into the person they want them to be and get disillusioned if they can’t. Sound familiar?

So why is is so important to celebrate difference? Because if we don’t, we can make a difficult situation even worse. By acknowledging differences individuals can enjoy what comes easily and naturally in a relationship whilst being conscious to accept the more challenging aspects of their partner. (I’m not talking about any form of abuse here. That is an entirley different kettle of fish. Whether, emotional, social, financial or physical, abuse is not acceptable. Instead can I urge you to seek professional advice from a centre such as Relate. It is vital informed and ethical advise is sought in order to minimise any further abuse)

So how might you learn to adapt to those annoying habits or unmet expectations in your relationship?

One way is to seperate the problem from the person. Sometimes we get muddled up with the person being the problem as opposed to the problem being the problem. I regularly encourage my clients to seperate and even name the difference in order to detatch it from their partner. This then frees them to love and accept their partner whilst working on the problem or difference together. A united front presents itself as the couple work together against a common enemy instead of each other. And with God working as part of the equation, anything is possible.

So why not become more like an alien, acknowledge and externalise your differences and then work on managing them together. I’d love to hear how you get on!

Image and Inspiration!

When I was invited to come down to Essex and work with a group of girls to help them with their image and style I lept at the chance! Back in April I was thrilled to share my story of God’s grace whilst I gave each party guest a mini colour make over followed by some essential tips on style. By the end of the day all twelve of us, most of whom had never met before, had bonded together and knew a little more about how much God loved us as well as how to look great and feel fabulous.

By popular demand, one of the Activate team booked my services for a repeat performance last weekend. Again there was a lovely atmosphere as I opened up with how my life had been turned around and restored by God’s love. It paved the way for others to share their stories as we giggled and nibbled during our image transformations. Definately a case of a new image whilst being inspired by each other. Another super day which combined everything Activate stands for-friendship, fun and faith. Below is one of the many comments I’ve received from both days:

“Thank you so much for inviting me to the style day on Saturday, I was looking forward to it any way, but it far exceeded my expectations. Not to mention the fact that it threw out of the window all my pre-conceived ideas about myself. It was also lovely to meet everyone else.”

Do get in touch if you would like to host your own colour/style party with me- Alison Tinsley. I’ll be at the away day in November if you fancy a chat. Looking forward to it!

Growing Through

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

This summer, my daughter and I had the privilege of attending the One Parent Family Holiday at Capernwray Hall in Lancashire. What an amazing place! You only have to look at the picture above to see how special it is. I cannot begin to describe the precious things of God that happened there and I am sure that it was a direct result of all the prayer that had obviously gone into the week. The sense of God’s presence was tangible as we walked into the building the first day. The best way I found to describe it was that we felt constantly “underpinned”. I can certainly say it was a defining time for both of us in our spiritual lives and it was so encouraging to share with other Christians who understood something of our lives.
While I was there, I met Jackie Donald who is an area support coordinator for the Growing Through charity. Over a period of seven years she has taken families, to Capernwray and Growing Through has contributed to the cost of the holidays for these families.
Growing Through began in 1996 and offers ongoing support to one parent families who have lost a loved one through death, separation, divorce or family breakdown. Their aim is to give these families opportunities to learn to accept their situation, and go on to find hope in a personal relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ.
The charity runs thirteen week courses for children (‘Pot of Gold’) and teenagers (‘Rays of Light’). There are sets of resources for both courses to equip churches in their ministry to young people in their communities who are experiencing loss.
The children and young people learn how to name, understand and come to terms with the many emotions they are experiencing. The material links the Bible to life issues, through the story of Joseph and David. They learn that life has many ups and downs, but God is faithful to keep His promises to those who put their trust in Him.
There is also input available for adults including Divorce Care, Grief Share and a Biblical stress management course. They are also planning five regional “Helping Hurting People” conferences across the UK.
There are some issues like marital breakdown that are sometimes difficult to talk about in a church setting, but we need to rise to the challenge. There is so much power in using our own experience to benefit others, so take heart if you are parenting on your own. There are people out there to support you and there are opportunities for you to share in the privilege of supporting others.
You can find more details about this charity by going to
And whatever your family situation, if you’ve never been to Capernwray, you’ve missed a treat! There’s something for everyone. So check them out at Hannah and I thoroughly recommend it!

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