February 2011

‘Girl Talk’ Day Conference – with the Philo Trust

On Thursday 23rd June the Philo Trust is organising a day conference for women, which Activate your Life can recommend. Hosted by J.John and Julie Sheldon, the focus of ‘Girl Talk’ will be ‘Communicating Effectively’ and will cover areas of preparation, preaching and prayer. With guest speaker Mary Pytches and worship led by Nicki Rogers.

The cost is £40 per person which includes refreshments and lunch at Denham Grove, Tilehouse Lane, Denham, UB9 5DU (near Junctions 16/17 of the M25 and Junction 1 of the M40). The day will start at 9.30am and finish at 4.00pm.

Places are limited. Please book in advance, look up the website on www.philotrust.com/girltalk

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I Believe

Are you in need of a five minute break? I know that many worship songs with images are sent around by email but this is one of the best I have seen. Maybe you could have it playing in the background at an event or at the beginning of a pram service. Perhaps there is someone you could email it to today. Or maybe you should just take a moment of your own time and watch the beauty of creation with a believing heart.

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Crisis- Danger or Opportunity?

“When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.”
John F. Kennedy

JFK as he was fondly known, certainly knew how to make a statement, in more ways than one. And this quote certainly has punch and purpose.

In the current economical and financial climate it is so easy to drift with the popular consensus that crisis means danger.

And to be honest, if we ignore danger signals then trouble almost always ensues. Just look at what happened to Jim Carey, cast as Bruce Nolan, when he ignored the truck full of signs he was following in the film Bruce Almighty- he ended up crashing his car and meeting God!

But for many of us we get stuck with only seeing crisis as danger and miss out on all the opportunities it can open up.

As Christian women we have the BEST source of peace, comfort and confidence in our Saviour, Jesus. So why not use this quote as a reminder to view crisis differently. Don’t wait to crash your car to get God involved, rather look out for the dangers and then be creative in opening up new pathways to achieve your purpose with Christ as the navigator?

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When there are no words…

Last week I sat with a friend facing a heart breaking situation. She was looking for wise words and helpful advice, I was unable to give either.Instead we wept together in a little office with the door closed to the world. Sometimes there are no words that seem appropriate. We did manage to pray and handed over all the sadness to God.
When I got back home I sent her the words from an Amy Grant song – ‘Better Than a Hallelujah’.

We pour out our misery and God just hears a melody.
Beautiful the mess we are, the honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a hallelujah.

This Youtube video has the words and some lovely images. I have found peace in just listening to it as I pray. Maybe there is someone you know who needs you not to talk but sit with them.
Thank you, Amy Grant.

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