“I don’t think I know anyone who goes to church?”

Have you seen the film- Salmon Fishing in the Yemen? I enjoyed it, with it’s quirky plot and beautiful Morrocan scenery. Ewan McGregor plays an interesting character, struggling with his marriage and job and beginning to question the issue of faith, as he starts an improbable project and encounters the Muslim faith of those around him.
At one point, whilst watching Yemeni tribesmen praying, he says-
“I don’t think I know anyone who goes to church. We go to Tesco on Sundays.”
I found this sad, is this how we are in Britain today? So lacking in people of faith that an average person doesn’t even know anyone who goes to church. We have a big job to do, being the salt and light in our communities and perhaps being the only person in our street or neighbourhood who does actually have a faith.
It makes our role all the more vital, make sure that those around you know about your faith. Stand out. be distinctive. Show God’s love.

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