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Journeys of Hope

With news of financial meltdown hitting the headlines, it’s rare to hear positive stories of hope about people who’ve struggled with their finances. Journeys of Hope offers twelve such stories – testimonies of people who were living in desperation, until they sought help from Christians Against Poverty, the national debt-counselling charity. The book is the second published by the charity, following Nevertheless, the story of CAP’s first twelve years. Journeys of Hope is a testament to the power of God working through His people to change lives, with accounts of how these people were freed from the chains of financial misery and given new life and hope for the future.

The shocking realities of debt, such as extreme hunger, mental illness, abuse and suicide, paint a bleak picture of life for many in 21st century Britain. Christine lived a “waking nightmare”. Lyndsay attempted suicide. Ralph stopped eating due to stress. These are stories of lives taken to the brink due to the suffering and deprivation brought on by their debts. But, as the title of the book suggests, in each case the transforming power of God shines through, as CAP gives them a practical solution to their financial difficulties, offering hope where before there was none.

Journeys of Hope is an inspiring and moving book which will remind you of just how much God can do. It’s not just a book full of ‘feel good factor’, though. This collection of testimonies is a wake-up call to UK Christians who think debt is a third-world issue; it powerfully depicts the struggles and the transformation of people who live in every city, town and neighbourhood of the UK, and maybe even next door.

Christians Against Poverty won the Sunday Times Best Small Company to work for in 2008 and 2009. Check out their website

Journeys of Hope is available from Christians Against Poverty
Registered Office: Jubilee Mill, North Street, Bradford, BD1 4EW t: 01274 760720

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  1. Sounds really interesting, thanks for taking the time to tell us about this book and the great work that CAP do.

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