Supporters Map- Make your mark on the Uk today

Activate Your Life is a network and we want to give you the opportunity to connect with others who live in your area.  Running events, organising groups, sharing with our friends and neighbours can feel like a lonely task.  We might be the only person in our church who is passionate about evangelism, we may feel unsupported when we set up events, it might feel that no one is standing with us in prayer, we may feel the need to bounce ideas off someone else with similar interests.  In all of these cases, it is good to know that you are not alone!

God our heavenly Father is always with us, and Activate wants you to feel supported and encouraged by all that we write, and say.  We may be able to come out and speak to your group.  And we do want you to know others who live near you who you could connect up with, meet for prayer and share ideas, disasters and positive encouragements.  Perhaps you could join together with someone nearby to book Lindsay to come and speak at a joint event? Or maybe you feel ready to organise a training day and have a full team come from Activate to help you offer seminars, worship and inspiring talks.

So, look up our Supporters map on the ‘About us’ page and add your pink pin, email address and name.  This information will only be available to other registered users, so we should all feel safe.  We look forward to seeing a carpet of pink pins and hearing how you are supporting each other.

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