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“Fantastic weekend, am leaving feeling refreshed and renewed, challenged and inspired.  Even though I came on my own, I haven’t felt alone thanks to so many lovely friendly, inclusive ladies.”  By Jackie F

“Many thanks for all your hard work.  It’s a great weekend as you never feel under pressure to attend seminars- it’s very relaxing with great fellowship.” Sue C

‘Having been to three weekends, this has been really the most profitable- the spiritual input has been excellent. ” Mrs M L

“I felt last year there was too much equipping and not enough ministry in the programme and preaching.  People might be equipped but not free or confident.  This year the balance was really good. I feel more confident in God and out of that place, good things can grow.” Lydia F

“It was a lovely atmosphere, relaxing and encouraging.  Made me aware of the support network out there.”Caroline M

“I don’t know how you could possibly do better than this weekend. Thank you and God Bless the team.” Marian W

“Fabulous weekend, am glad next one is booked in at the hotel.  Will be trying to bring more friends along next time.” Michaela M

“Of all the Activate weekends I have attended, this weekend has helped me most spiritually and sociably.”  Mrs S

“Firstly what a wonderful weekend – all your hard work paid off.
The hotel – great facilities, good food and the staff really were
The seminars – inspirational – great teaching
The Worship – Spirit filled and an amazing opportunity to worship
An old school friend invited me to the conference – a great
opportunity to catch up with her and to spend some time with God.
We moved to rural West Sussex about 12 years ago, my husband is a
farmer!! It’s important for us to attend a Church in our local community but
sadly the Churches in small villages have a really small congregation
– sometimes only 4!! The majority of the congrgation are older, and there are hardly any families – we live in a very affluent area so the need for God seems not so necessary, although Easter and Christmas services are well attended,
as its ‘what you do’!!!
The local vicars are not really inspired and so the majority of
Churches appear to be dead!! My husband and I have run youth clubs – The Groovy Club was hugely succesful, with up to 30 kids coming along for fun evenings with lots of activies on the South Downs.
Due to work commitments we had to give up running the Youth Club, and
with our kids getting older the teenage years needed a little more
time !!!
We have been thinking of starting up a youth club again, and after
attending the weekend I felt that God was telling me to become more
involved in our community and by ‘eating ice cream’ and getting along-side people in our community we can witness to them – and show what a
difference God makes to peoples lives.
So – a mother & toddler group and a village celebration of the centenary
of the First World War are all on the cards!!!
Thank you for the opportunity to worship – usually its an old hymnn
with 5 members of the congregation singing along to a very old organ
played by a very eldery chap!! The opportunity to spend time with God, and to listen to how God canwork in our lives and our communities if we ‘Wait on Him’  NOT ‘Wait on him’
The other thing that I had wanted to say was that often ‘Christian’
conferences, away weekends, can often be cheesy,old fashioned, not
well run,presented badly, unprofessional, run by ladies wearing
american tan tights!!! – I am sure you know where I am coming from –
it was a breath of fresh air – the weekend was run SO professionally,
all the literature was beautifully presented, it was current, and
accessable to EVERYONE and I was pleased to report to my 2 teenage
daughters, not a pair of american tan tights worn by the leadership
team!!! I will be back!!” By Caroline


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