What have you got to say Jude?

Hi girls,

just in case you aren’t already part of our Facebook family (pop over now and join in – Activate Your Life) I’m going to post here too. Over the next few days and weeks we are going to look at verses from the Book of Jude. If we are going to be Dangerous Women we need to know what our mission is – should we choose to accept it, right?

So here is today’s first instalment. Enjoy:

Girls I have to say, I love the book of Jude. Tucked away amidst warnings of taking hold of false truth and ideas there is a huge promise of Hope. 

Here in v 1 it begins with an introduction of who is writing, and we discover Jude, the brother of James. What’s interesting is that it’s thought this is the same James, who is brother to Jesus. And in Matthew we do learn of Jesus’ family including a ‘Jude’ or ‘Judas’ as a younger brother too. If this is the case then we are hereby being introduced to someone very special indeed, the brother of Jesus Christ… and yet, he doesn’t reference that relationship. Instead, he choses to call himself a ‘slave’ to Jesus, instead.

You know, this interests me because I think it’s easy as women to get our worth and affirmation out of our titles. Whether it be a job title, a ‘mrs’ before our name or even the rank of mum, all too often the world we live in points to our significance being found in what we do and how we are viewed. But here we have someone who is consciously and deliberately turning his focus and his ‘connection’ to Jesus as his master.

Girls, how we will choose to be seen – someone who ‘knows’ Jesus or someone who serves Jesus as master?

The next thing we find is that he writes to those loved by God. We believe in the authority of Scripture and that it is as much for us as the original recipients – that means that little statement applies to you. Lady – you are loved by God. Breathe it in… these carefully crafted words in Scripture were written for you, today, to hear and sow in your heart. You are LOVED by God. 

And finally, the statement of being ‘kept safe’ by Christ. The reality for those early believers reading this text is that unlike some who had gone before they weren’t being persecuted so greatly as many of the other believers had been. The thing Jude was worried about for them, was being taken in by false teaching. So for us, just like those early Christians, maybe we take heed of this too? To be ‘kept safe’ in our belief and thought life, amidst a world of conflicting voices and opinions, is to remain fully connected to Jesus. It’s Him who ‘keeps us’. 

Hope you have a great day ladies. Not bad for one wee verse eh?


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