The Last Taboo: Breathing Life into Death – Access all episodes from here

Most of us avoid talking and thinking about death as much as possible. Shamefully, we might feel so unprepared when spotting a recently bereaved friend or acquaintance that we’re tempted to cross the road and pretend we didn’t see them. Finding the words to say can seem impossible. This series aims to break the taboo. …

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Living Nightmares

Have you ever been the subject of your own nightmare?  My daughter experienced this the other night. She dreamed that she opened the door to another version of herself, then another version of her teacher and another version of her friend, and she couldn’t convince the real versions that she was the real girl.  I …

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Choose Life

  I went to bed last night after hearing some of the most tragic news I think I have ever had to hear. A young man had taken his life, the very same way his older brother had done, the day before the 11th anniversary of his brother’s death. The village where they are both …

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