Be careful what you judge to be dead…it may simply be asleep!



It is to our great relief and encouragement that Jesus always sees a thing different to us. In the case of Jairus’ daughter as told in Luke 8, on two occasions Jesus is advised to let the issue go.

First it is the members of Jairus’s own household who advise him to relieve the master of the need to come to his home, as his daughter had died.

Second it is the throng of well meaning yet unbelieving guests who fill Jairus’s home and whom Jesus encounters immediately on arrival.

Jesus however, unwilling to accept the verdict on Jairus’s daughter, insists that she is in fact not dead at all but merely sleeping.
This is met by a raucous, spontaneous outburst of incredulous laughter as in, “what is he smoking?”

Moments later however a fantastic, unforeseen miracle takes place, the theme of which, will be talked far and wide for many years to come.

Be careful what you conclude as dead or forgotten

The great principle is this, that there are things we have considered long dead and not worth the time or energy, that Jesus himself declares as but asleep and waiting to be stirred and awoken.

It is one of the great mysteries of faith, that it sees…
light in dark things,
health in sick things,
strength in weak things,
life in dead things!

I wonder what we are busy nursing, lamenting as dead and forgotten, like those of Jairus’ household, when in reality they are merely waiting to be awoken?

Word of advice?
Don’t bury the girl yet!
Her greatest years may lay ahead of her.

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