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Sometimes the more telling and formational question in matters of ones life and growth, is not “what do I need?” but rather, “what do I already have?”

When Jesus asked his disciples to feed the thousands who had followed them out into a more secluded place, their knee-jerk response was to insist that they simply did not have the resource or the economic wherewithal to meet such a request (Mk.6:37).
Their response was to consider, “what do we need?” Which always begins from the vantage point of lack and ineptitude. It presupposes that what I have and who I am is grossly insufficient. It orientates my focus on the need to acquire, to beg, borrow or steal; to make up the perceived shortfall (be it emotional, physical or economic).

“Lack” always looks different with the eye of faith

When Jesus almost casually asked, “How many loaves have ye?” He was effectively doing two very important things.
First—he was encouraging them to take responsibility for the immediate challenge.
Second—and perhaps most importantly, he was reconfiguring their thinking from an “out-there” look, what do I need, what haven’t I got….? To an “in-here” look, what have I got, what do I already possess…?

Faith teaches us amongst many things, to never underestimate God’s ability to take our perceived lack and transform it to plenty. To turn a resounding minus into a deafening plus!

When God places seemingly insurmountable challenges before us, it is not to instigate panic search and rescue missions. Desperately searching out where we can grab what we haven’t got, and rescue it in order to complete the mission!
But it is to develop a greater and deeper perception of the “much” and “more” that lays constantly (albeit dormant and undetected) within our own lives.

What does faith see?

Before we drift down pot holes trying to slate our lack, or slide into ditches in a desperate attempt to find what we need, we ought to pause and appreciate the simple rule of faith, namely:
…a little is always a lot,
…scarcity is always abundance,
…one is always a majority
and half-full is always overflowing.

When God is in the equation the equation is re-shaped often to unrecognised proportions.

Nothing looks the same when viewed with the eye of faith.

Everything comes to mean something else when God steps in.

So if you are facing a challenge that seems beyond you today, and you’ve spent most of your time wondering where on earth you’re going to find that much bread to feed that many people!

Let me encourage you to pause and look again. The economics of faith always insists that there is more at hand than meets the eye.
That there is more in your heart, your life, your gift circumference than you’d ever anticipate.

“How many loaves have ye?”


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