This is the article that we submitted to our church magazine after our swishing event.

Well, we’ve done it! Our first ever SWISH. It was a fun evening – ladies brought along their items of clothing and/or accessories (shoes, handbags, belts, jewellery) which they no longer wanted – ready to swish with others.

Since last Thursday, various ladies have been out and about with their swished items, spreading the word! Swishing is great fun and it works!

We feel another swish coming on – hopefully to incorporate children’s clothes too. What do you think?

Jo & I both felt hugely supported by our Church family – before, during and after the event – as a form of outreach, making chruch accessible to those who wouldn’t normally come along. Thank you too, to those who kept the evening ‘flowing’ with refreshments, setting up and clearing up again.

Sarah O’Shea brought something special to the evening. Her choice of songs, and the natural warmth she exudes whilst performing, endeared her to us all. (How else would you explain the line-dance?)

We recognise swishing is not everybody’s cup of tea, however, our next event is all-inclusive (ok fellas!) and will be held on a Saturday afternoon. So ‘take a chance’ (on us) and we will keep you informed about an “Abba-solutely” fabulous time for Mamma-mias and Papas alike!!! No age limits.

2 thoughts on “Swish!”

  1. sheila bridge

    This sounds great. Can you tell us how it worked from a practical point of view ie did people just bring things, put them on a table and take other things away? or did they do direct swaps with people? Presumably no money exchanged hands?

    1. From a practical point of view – we advertised the swish via posters, word of mouth, church notices etc, at least a month beforehand.

      We put up several washing lines in the church! As people arrived we took their garments, shoes, handbags etc, and arranged them whilst they sipped a glass of bubbly!

      At a pre-arranged time once most people were there, we said a countdown and SWISHED!

      The ladies had the chance to peruse the items on show and try them on if they wished (ample mirrors had been arranged around the church). The Creche had even been desiginated as a changing room, if required! Hence clothes were swapped/swished!

      A nominal fee was charged and monies for tickets supported the work of “Love Russia.”

      I hope this answers your queries. As I type this I am wearing my swished shirt! Honest!

      Looking forward to hearing you again at this year’s Activate weekend!

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