To Boldly Go – a thought from the new Star Trek Film

‘To boldly Go’ has to be the most famous split infinitive in history. I explained this to my son when we went to see Star Trek, new film, last night but the point was lost on him because he didn’t know what a split infinitive was!
Grammatic issues aside, the film was fantastic.I heartily recommend it. Throughly enjoyable, it took me right back to my adolescence, when I watched just about every episode of the TV series. It is a ‘prequel’ in other words it tells the story of how the team Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty and the rest all came to together. It has almost all the bits in the original series that we really loved: the over-emotional Bones taking Spock off to one side to harangue him only to be greeted with a cooly raised eyebrow and the ‘logical’ response. There was plenty of ‘Beam me up Scotty’ moments and almost a ‘she canny take any more cap’en’. The only thing missing was the polystyrene rocks and the ship’s internal doors that went ‘swishup’! Remember those?
My advice would be don’t worry about following the plot, just enjoy the action and the good looking guys. We thought the script was hilarious but the rest of the audience must have been die-hard ‘Trekkies’ as no one else was laughing.
There was alot of time travel involved but it wont give too much away to say that at two points in the film two different characters each use something that they haven’t yet invented but they will invent in the future. ‘Neat idea’ I thought! Could I please spend the royalities now of the bestseller I haven’t yet written?
It set me thinking: what else would I do differently now if I knew that something in the future was a dead cert? It didn’t take me long to think about Heaven, if I really believe that eternity is a ‘dead cert’ (excuse the pun) then how much more motivated should I be to ‘bodly go’?
For more on this theme, read the poem Fiona posted up called ‘My Friend’. Let’s encourage one another to boldly go with the good news.

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