LOVE. Danielle Strickland references…

…Darth Vader, Tina Turner, John Wesley…and one of our Miss Activate girls!

Pop’s favourite topic. Our teenage obsession. Heartbreak. Loss. We will never tire of singing, dreaming, and talking about LOVE.

screenshot-2016-10-11-at-10-53-28-amOne of our Miss Activate girls, Jenna Catto had dinner with Danielle Strickland a few months ago. They talked about John 12. They talked about love.  Jenna described an encounter at Soul Survivor.  She shared the experience of feeling God’s love overwhelm her. Danielle then used Jenna’s story during her talk at Willow Creek Church the following week. Now, the romantic in me would like to have someone mention me in a love song, but to have Danielle Strickland mention my love song with God as part of her Willow Creek preach, well, that would be very cool.

Knowing we would love it, Jenna’s mum, Mandy, sent us the link.  Hear how Mary’s broken perfume bottle was an offering of love; how Darth Vader is actually a good guy; how Judas’ decision is based on fear.

screenshot-2016-10-11-at-11-04-28-amIf love is all you need, how do you get it?

How do you keep love alive?

What is agape love?

How is your love life?

Danielle asks us to imagine Bonnie Raitt’s song sung by someone else:

Dear <insert your name>,
I can’t make you love me if you don’t.
I can’t make you heart feel something that it won’t.

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