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Are you interested in learning more on reaching out to spiritual searchers? If so you might be interested in the following.

Eden People, a cross-church, all age Christian ministry uses ‘creative mission’ to make faith relevant and visible to those ‘out there’ and engages with those who are exploring spirituality – and meets them where they are.

Colin Brice, a leader from Eden People says “For more than 10 years we have been taking the Gospel outside Christian ‘safe areas’ into galleries, pubs, cafes, Mind, Body & Spirit exhibitions, psychic fairs and all sorts of music and spiritual festivals and gatherings. We take issues such as the environment, justice, spirituality and the creative arts as connection points for God to use. In these spaces we meet with many on personal spiritual journeys, enabling them to talk about, explore and experience expressions of the Christian faith”.

With the current growing interest in spirituality and alternative therapies, Eden People is helping to equip Christians for creative mission.

To do this, they are aware they need to present the Gospel in a relevant way by embracing new technology and mission tools such as short film, animation, new music genres and multi-sensory elements to bring Jesus to the forefront of people’s spiritual exploration.

This year Eden People are running an Apprenticeship Scheme aimed at those who are interested in learning more about using creative mission to reach out to spiritual searchers. It offers a 6 or 12 month hands-on training course at their base in Guildford. It aims to equip and encourage Christians to develop evangelism for today’s culture.

Also on offer are consultancy and training for small groups and churches. The sessions focus on:

– Festival ministry – music, green (eco), community & spiritual
– Mind, Body & Spirit or psychic fair ministry
– Context Consultancy (for where you/or your church is located)
– Massage Training
– General creative mission overview, preparation and outworking

For more details on Eden People training courses e-mail:

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  1. That’s very interesting Adrienne. I have just started training as a Street Pastor, which is a similar idea, going out on the streets and meeting with people where they are, and in situations where they need help.

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