Good News for the Good News

Tearfund have just produced findings from a research project which demonstrates that the ‘Church is not in decline’ any more. See the press release:

This is the second piece of encouraging news I’ve read this week. Even though church attendance is rare it seems that people are warm to the Church in general.

A recent poll reported that a huge number of people say that they WOULD accept an invitation to a service if it was offered.
We just need to make sure that the experience of the visit is so positive that they want to repeat it.

Making a real effort to get to know someone and being genuinely interested in their lives is the key. No-one likes to feel that they are being head-hunted for numbers. Activate has always encouraged relationship building first and foremost. We are called to introduce people to Jesus and not to get them onto a Pew. However, being part of a loving group who are living the Gospel and not simply talking it, is much more likely to attract people and encourage them to stay and belong.

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