The Evangelism Issue – definitely worth reading!

The July edition of Christianity magazine has just arrived in my house and it is great! This is the first time I have seen evangelism the primary focus of this publication and I am delighted to read the range and variety of articles and interviews.
There are profiles of Nicky Gumbel and Rico Tice as well as Krish Kandiah on ‘The Dreaded ‘E’ word’. There is an interesting article detailing the 5 big reasons why people don’t believe.There is a run down of key evangelism projects throughout the UK. Of course, Activate should be included in that section, but at least the emphasis is on evangelism following out of relationship.
Nicky Gumbell says –
“The most effective way of evangelising is being yourself”
Rico Tice adds-
“We’ve got to keep asking, where’s the culture and how do we communicate?”
If you have been trying to raise the profile of evangelism in your church, (and you have already passed on ‘Unlocking the Door’), then try passing out a few copies of this new yellow covered magazine. The research says that 90% of evangelical Christians are convinced that we should be active in evangelism.But only 60% think they are likely to have a conversation about God in the next month.
Let’s make sure that we are among those who speak about God every month. Over the last six months we have had the joy and hassle of having some house renovations – it feels like the builders moved in and took over every room. God continues to show He can move through all situations and conversations; the builder and his wife and daughter came to church with us on Sunday, and seemed to love it.

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