Keep Calm and Carry On!

Two rust coloured cushions with the above inscription sit prominently on my settee. A union jack poster with the same words are adhered to the lounge door.

Yesterday I was sooooo glad of their timely reminder as an Aussie themed barbie in honour of my hubby’s 50th birthday was subject to the wet weather that covered the country.

Inside I felt my stress levels beginning to rise as my carefully thought out plans for a 50th birthday bash in our garden, complete with blow up kangaroos, crocodile, palm trees and bush tucker trials seemed to be washed away.

I had two choices- loose my cool or ‘keep calm and carry on’.
After much internal debate, I chose to follow the mantra.
What struck me was the ease by which stress levels rise if not checked.

As Christians why do we allow ourselves to stress out so much when we have the most effective tranquillizer there is- the Holy Spirit? The Bible tells us that through his spirit God is with us, no matter what. So from now on I’m going to ensure I take a daily dose of God’s amazing medicine and cultivate the habit of staying calm and carrying on!

As for our party, yes it was a wash out, but we still had heaps of fun in the marquee eating edible insects! Perhaps more importantly I learnt why stress out when we can rest in Him?

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