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our women’s group has been called Christian Viewpoint for women for last few years and wondering about changing it? Obviously Activate is one name we’re considering but was wondering what other groups are called?

3 thoughts on “Name of group”

  1. We call our events – ‘Girls Night Out’ when we are meeting in a restaurant, theatre, shop or beach then we change it slightly and call ourselves ‘Girls Night In’ when we meet in the church for a Christmas crafts, bath bomb or clothes swapping type event.

  2. Alison L Tinsley

    Rock Chicks is the name of our girlie group where we invite our non church friends. We have themed dinner parties with games,themed food and even themed gifts for the guests. It’s a great way to have a night out in!

  3. Caroline Thompson

    We’re pondering the name for a new group at our church at the moment. One suggestion was “Desperate Housewives” but we thought “Not so desperate housewives” might sound more appealing. Not sure how we’re going to get round people assuming you have to be a wife to come though as that is not the case.

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