Mamma Mia – post script

Well,we did it! The Mamma Mia Dvd has become the fastest selling of all time and we wanted to be the first to show it in a party atmosphere in our church youth lounge. Around sixty women turned up, some in outlandish costumes, some not. Forty children came too, so we set up a popcorn room for them and watched two copies of the film simultaneously. We handed out prizes for the best costumes, encouraged them to try out some ‘seventies’ make-up at the back of the room, then switched on the Dvd. The song words pop up easily and everyone sang along and there was a lot of laughter. There were a few tears shed by those having relationship difficulties. There were many tears shed by all those who are mothers when Meryl Streep sings of her daughter’s time slipping through her fingers. Near the end the teenagers started a conga and many of us stood up to dance. The oldest guest moved away from the sedate front row so that she could join in the dancing!!
As people left we invited them back for our Christmas services and handed them a leaflet with all the details.
Then we danced as we hoovered up the popcorn and finished off the cocktails. If only evangelism was always this much fun!

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