Lent – feast or famine?

Do you normally give things up for Lent or is it a time to take up a new challenge?

If you do fast – is it simply an excuse to slim or detox? Or do you use it as an aid to prayer?

1 thought on “Lent – feast or famine?”

  1. Maureen Stevens

    I find that using fasting during Lent as an aid to prayer is a challenge. The giving up of many things are replaced by the the adding of this challenge. The time taken working out this challenge replaces the time usually taken indulging in the missing ‘goodies’ so there’s less time to miss them!!! So go ahead girls and try it for yourself the rewards are greater than the lack of ‘goodies’. The sense of achievement, the sense of getting closer to God, the sense of getting to know Him better during this time is a REAL feel good factor and more than that GOD will bless you. You will be more at home with God and with yourself and your circumstances. Go for it!

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