Better Together

Is anyone planning to go to the Better Together event on 10th March in London, from the Southampton/Winchester area? Would you be interested in sharing transport. I would like to advertise this event more widely but am not sure what to do about transport. Any ideas welcome. Thank you. Ali Moss.

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  1. Hi Ali
    I will be travelling in from Southampton to the London training day. I am planning on getting the train as although there are a few parking spaces at the Oasis centre, I am not very confident at driving in London. There are trains leaving Southampton Airport Parkway at 07.38 and 08.08 that will get into Waterloo in 75 minutes, then it is a five minute walk to the Oasis Centre. Trains home leave at 16.35. The Saturday return price looks like it is £32. Or there are trains leaving slightly later from Winchester, taking an hour and costing £27.50.
    Hope that is helpful, although do get in touch if you manage to organise a minibus as I might join you for that!!

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