Back to the Future, today!!

I admit it, I am a fan of the Back To The Future films. I loved them in the eighties and I have started enjoying them all over again when my daughter was given a boxed set.
I loved the gentle sci-fi theme, the alternative existence and the idea that subtle choices we make can affect our future hugely. And watching the films today has an added pleasure of discovering whether or not the predicted future has come true in our present. Marty McFly arrives in his hometown on June 27th, 2012. We are the future world he is trying to escape from! We do not have the hover boards but the clothes are not far away and perhaps our Internet world is more futuristic than the one Marty finds! It is fun watching it and provoked a great discussion in our house.
Looking for an easy event over the next couple of weeks? Maybe a gathering when it is raining outside? Or if it a sunny evening, borrow a projector, tie up a sheet and show it on the wall of your house whilst you all lie out on rugs. A discussion that includes where we will be in another 27 years, or how decisions affect our futures would be great. Back to the Future indeed!

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  1. Oh dear! I have just found out that the date and picture were altered to create an Internet hoax! The actual date in the film is June 2015. So we have three years to plan our ‘Back to the Future’ event and three years to continue living in the present, before the future catches up with us??!?

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