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Inspiration: Christmas in our house looks like this…

Traditions are important as they create rituals that help give a certain familial identity. They forge valuable history that keeps families rooted and let’s be honest, however small or silly these traditions are, they are the best part of the Christmas experience. If my children don’t put the star on the tree or make cards for the neighbours it “just doesn’t feel like Christmas”.

I thought I could share a few family traditions.  Please take the time and share yours with us on Facebook.. so I can get some more inspiration! I do like to add a new one every now and again and drop any that are too expensive or time-consuming depending on what’s happening that year… traditions should be a joy and not another thing you HAVE to do at Christmas. So have some fun.

screenshot-2016-11-30-at-9-37-39-pmFirst Tradition: On the First of December, we have our annual start of Christmas:
– tree goes up
– new pajamas
– christmas bedding out
– mince pies open (& mulled wine)
– first Christmas film of the season
– buy chocolates to fill up our advent calendars
– Christmas gift, which is our…




…Second tradition: We go to Manchester to the theatre, go around the markets and have a meal out ( this is part of their Christmas present from us or family).






background-17132_1280Third tradition: Every year, we make mince pies and cards, go around to our neighbours and invite them to our annual Christmas party. Here we have mince pies and mulled wine. I ask my lovely piano teacher to come and we sing carols around the piano. Two years ago I invested in a snow machine and we sang ‘White Christmas’ as the snow fell on us… it was magical.




moose-1843216_1280Fourth tradition: Every year, we go to a garden centre and choose a decoration each. the idea is when they leave home they will have a box of their own full of memories of each homes. this could be the start of their Christmas tree decoration collection.




Fifth tradition: Every year, one of the children get to put the star on the tree. This normally starts an argument of who did it last year … then we go back over all the photos of the year before trying to find out who it was. After that palaver, Pete lifts a child up to the top of the tree… as they have got older this has got funnier!





Sixth tradition: We always have a drive around our town looking at all the lights on people’s houses and marking them out of 10… getting chips on the way home and watching a christmas movie.


christmas-crib-figures-1060026_1280Seventh tradition: Christmas Eve walk .. with excitement mounting and tension high there is nothing more festive than a winter walk with a flask of hot chocolate and a few Christmas chocolates.  Come evening we all attend a Christmas Eve service at a local church in the town



christmas-518587_1280Eighth tradition: On christmas day we all wake at crack of dawn and open stockings on our bed… after a brief prayer we go into the main room to open presents, each taking turns to open one while the others watch and wait.

By mid-morning we’ve cooked up some bacon butties then we head off to the Christmas Day service where all the kids get to show off the passing craze they got for Christmas.




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