Win a Bath Bomb Kit!

Would you like your own bath bomb making kit, with all the ingredients needed to make bath bombs for 25 people?
I have been using the kit for 2 years now and have demonstrated and helped to create fizzy spheres in church halls, hotels, classrooms, for birthdays and fundraisers.

It has been great fun to see people’s reactions when they create their very own sweet smelling bomb. I am not a perfectionist and am always more interested in the process, rather than the end product. Watching people sharing their ingredients, comparing fragrances, swapping colours and helping to turn out the powdery shapes has been very rewarding. This has been a hobby and has just about covered the costs of the ingredients rather than turned any profit. I always take the opportunity to add a five minute chat triggered by the natural ingredients and talk about God the creator who started everything off so naturally in the Garden of Eden: how he yerns to have a walking, talking relationship with us today, and that through Jesus this is possible. All of the ideas came from Jan Harney who inspired me at the Activate conference two years ago, thanks Jan!
Now it is time to hand the kit over: all my friends have bathrooms filled with their creations, my kids are fed up with me being the ‘bomb’ lady and my cupboards need tidying. There is a large box filled with heart and sphere moulds, 20 fragrances, 6 colours, four bags of dried petals, water spritzers, pippets and a starter pack of bicarbonate of soda and citric acid.
Are you interested in running events in your area? Do you think you could inspire others whilst they are having fun together? How would you feel about weaving in part of your faith story to the event? And could you then pass the box on to someone else when you are finished?
I’d love to hear from you and would like to find a new home by the middle of January. Let me know…

4 thoughts on “Win a Bath Bomb Kit!”

  1. LittleMissTiny

    Hey Mandy,

    I came on to the forum looking for ideas for an Easter outreach event for our ladies’ group. Do you have any experience of making “chocolate” scented bath bombs? Last year we had a chocolate tasting evening which was great but it put us all off chocolate for a while afterwards!

    If you reckon that could work I’d be more than happy to take your stuff off your hands if you still have it!


    1. Hi Jill
      Yes you can make chocolate smelling bath bombs with one of the fragrances, although it is not as delicious smellingas the real thing! Tell me more about your group and how you might be able to use the kit…

      1. LittleMissTiny

        We have a women’s group on a Tuesday night called “Becoming a Beautiful Woman of God”. There are about 8 people who regularly attend and the aim is to develop the women in our fellowship so that they are more effective for God. So far we have looked at improving our bible study and prayer techniques.
        We try to have an outreach event about once a “term”. We have run 2 “Carols at Candlelight” evenings and last Easter we had a chocolate tasting evening which was great but left us all feeling a bit sick! We had been trying to decide on an outreach event for this Easter when I came across your post on the Activate website and as we had loosely discussed the idea of doing something with bath bombs etc it seemed like a sign! We would invite women to come to our chocolate evening and they could go home with a chocolate flavoured bomb they had made, having been given the gospel in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.

        That’s the loose plan anyway!

        1. Hi Jill
          I will pack up the kit ready to post onto you with some instructions. Maybe you could share it on with others through this website once you’ve finished with it. If you put your email, address and details into our contact page then this will be a safe way for me to post it to you,

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