The question “How do you pray?” was asked of Jesus and is still asked of religious leaders today. The Archbishop of Canterbury likens it to sunbathing – simply being still where the light can get at you. I love the simplicity of that approach.
Does anyone have an other answer to share for this one?

3 thoughts on “Sunbathing”

  1. What a great description of what prayer can be! As a mum with two small children I don’t tend to do the ‘quiet time’ thing (not much quiet to be found in my house of boys!) Prayer walking works for me, pushing the buggy to the shops or school is when I do most of my praying… us women are always great at multi-tasking!

    1. …..or Son-bathing ?! What a lovely way to describe prayer. I am one of the over 60’s and so I don’t do mornings very well. My way of praying usually consists of getting a cuppa, and sitting with the Lord before the day begins. If I miss this out, I soon know about it !!

  2. sheila bridge

    Praying is knitting,knitting is praying! I came across a book called Knitting into the Mystery (Susan Jorgensen and Susan Izard) all about knitting prayer shawls. I’m just about to start my fourth shawl. The rythm of knitting quiets my mind. The book has some beautiful prayers in it which you can write out and give to the person you’ve knitted the shawl for. When my son was away travelling abroad I knitted one ‘for him’ of course it’s really mine but knitting it helped me pray for him. Now that it’s finished, I don’t necessarily knit when I pray, often I just sit, wrapped in my shawl and well, that’s it really, I just sit! Someone once told me that prayer isn’t that hard, God blesses those who simply turn up, that really helped me see that there’s no magic formula of what to say, it’s being there that matters.

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