Ideas for Autumn and Winter

We love gathering friends together over food on dark winter evenings. But sometimes it’s great to have new ideas to try out rather than it just be the same old thing of gathering round the table and eating too much.

Does anybody have any bright ideas for a fun evening that might spark off deeper conversations rather than just “How are your kids getting on?”

1 thought on “Ideas for Autumn and Winter”

  1. Christmas eve we are walking up to the local CofE church (which isn’t our normal Church) with the children for the 4pm Nativity service and have invited our friends to come. Our friends are then coming back to our home for soup and drinks. Christmas is a great time to invite people to things, and it often leads to frank and open discussion about faith in general! Most people wheather or not they are church-goers seem keen to ensure their children know true meaning of Christmas.

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