Activate Autumn Weekend Away

Looking forward (or back depending on when you read this) to the Activate Autumn Weekend Away.

What do/did you think of the topics discussed?

3 thoughts on “Activate Autumn Weekend Away”

  1. This weekend was fantastic. Everything was well organised, there was plenty of stuff to do – or not do!! It is a weekend that we can happily take non-christian friends (and family to) and I really am hoping that next year I will be able to persuade others from my church and family to come with me. It was only my second Activate Weekend, so I do hope it continues for a while in its present format, although I am sure lots of people will have lots of different ideas.
    I think one of the most important things about the weekend is that it shows that Christians really can have fun!!!! So thank you to everyone involved – I hope that you were all blessed as much as so many of we guests were. And I have to say, that although parts of the Royal Court could do with a bit of a facelift, the food was great, the rooms comfortable and the staff were really great as well. Thanks again.

  2. The weekend was great with a good choice of activities but no pressure to do any of them. Highlights for me were seeing the friends that I brought enjoying getting to know each other better, and the love that was shown to them by strangers; being involved in the music (and the rehearsals for this); standing at the front and hearing the sound of all those beautiful voices together; not having to cook or wash up; the helpful service from hotel staff; the 15 minute makeover from Faye; spending quality time with old friends and making new ones; catching up with family members; breakfast! And the atmosphere of warmth, love and acceptance that underpinned the whole weekend.

  3. Missed it this year…..made a definite date in my diary to be on next years !!

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