Sparkling Christmas Matters 3: Wrap up and venture out

Over the last year or so we’ve all adapted to sitting or standing around firepits, parked cars, garden sheds, and front doors. How can we add a little sparkle to our outdoor get-togethers?  Which of these festive ideas have you tried?

– It’s not quite up my street but I could see this working on my street so I could pretend to like it… Christmas jumper dog walking! Get one for your dog and wear yours! 

– Next time the sun comes out, message the neighbours to see if anyone is free for a cup of tea or a hot chocolate on the drive.  It might be nice to arrange to meet on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.  We set up a WhatsApp group in lockdown and it feels less intrusive sending a quick message on there than knocking every time.  Bring out a couple of games or a festive quiz.

-You could even have a mini carol singing session!  My dad gets the whole street out for carol singing – he is probably busy practising his accordion right now! (You could share YouTube links for the carols beforehand).

– Choose a date when everyone in the street switches their outside lights on and gathers outside, people bringing their own drinks out with them. An idea to bank for next year.

– Maybe you have been involved in a live Nativity – costumed actors and real animals bring the story to life.  There might be a few people in your local church who would be interested in a project like this so you could start planning for 2022!  Suggestions and guidance can be found if you search online.

– Get involved in community events and productions in the town centre.  Michael Sheen is in the news today for becoming a ‘not-for-profit’ actor. By selling two houses, he was able to rescue the Homeless World Cup when the funding fell through.  It’s such an uplifting story – click this link to read more.

 ‘Sheen revealed the “turning point” followed a 72 hour production of The Passion through the streets of his hometown Port Talbot in 2011.  “I got to know people and organisations within my hometown that I didn’t know existed,” he said.’  

Whether we have time, money, skills, or resources to offer, the potential to impact others and help our community is endless.  As always, we’d love to hear about your projects and events, especially if there are any Hollywood actors involved with houses to spare!

Happy outdoor Christmas! x

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