‘Risk’ and the art of running

I have found it, a way to exercise (run to be precise) and to enjoy it! My secret, podcasts! I have recently been educated in the field of technology, and have discovered that there is a wealth of fantastic Christian podcasts available and best of all they are free.

Podcasts I discovered are in fact recordings of various Churches Sunday morning sermons, or other teaching sessions. Willow Creek, whose Senior Pastor is Bill Hybels, ‘upload’ their sermons for free each week, as do many larger Churches. And so, thanks largely to a technically savvy husband, I have been downloading these onto my i-pod, and while I run, I listen to a sermon. Multi-tasking at its best! I have even been running further as I am caught up in the message I am listening to and don’t want to stop before it finishes.

Even more exciting, Willow Creek have just started a new 3 week series entitled ‘Risk’. The description of the series is this; God asks us to take risks in moving His kingdom forward – to risk starting conversations, building friendships, helping people out. Risk not having all the answers. Are you a risk taker?

How appropriate for Activate, I will definitely be tuning in, and I hope you do too. Whether it is while you exercise, driving to work, or iron, make use of these seemingly dull activities, invest in your spiritual growth.

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