Dare to Believe (a revolution of smiling)

This week we are delighted to introduce you to the fabulous Helen Porter Cupples.

Helen, and her husband Paul, are senior pastors of Grace Generation Church, Banbridge, Northern Ireland.  She is the Ambassador for anti-human trafficking charity, ‘The A21 Campaign’, for Northern Ireland, leading her to work in schools and dialogue with local politicians.

Helen also has a heart to see women released into their full potential and leads the ‘Sisterhood’ event at Grace Generation Church, She has a real zest for life, boundless energy and loves helping people and living life to the full.

Although born in Belfast, Helen grew up in Australia and also lived in New Zealand for a few years. Helen and Paul have 5 daughters and 5 beautiful grandchildren.


It all started for me at Colour women’s conference in 2006. It was a life changing experience where God took my life and turned it upside down. He gave me a passion to see women rise up into their full potential and live the life He created them to live.

So often, in my experience, we, as women, have settled for less than purposeful lives and can therefore be living full of frustration and unfulfilled potential. Each one of us has a story waiting to be written. It was at Colour that I felt challenged by God to do whatever I could, in my small way, to show the women in my world who they are in Christ.

Bobbie Houston spoke these words at Colour conference: “IF ONE WOMAN COULD CHANGE HER WORLD IMAGINE WHAT A COMPANY OF WOMEN, UNITED IN PURPOSE AND CAUSE, COULD DO”. These words inspired the beginning of my journey and continue to inspire me everyday.

I have countless examples I could share. One is our Sisterhood’s weekly “Knitting for purpose” group that gathers women from church and the local community. From knitting blankets for the homeless, to blankets for premature babies in hospital, together we have been united in cause and for a purpose. Through this simple gathering, friendships have been established and skills developed through girls sharing and teaching one another. It has flourished into a vibrant and caring community which centres around “being the change”.

Another example comes from my involvement with A21 campaign, which exists to abolish injustice in the 21st century. Something that started with a tea party in my house has grown into a movement of passionate volunteers across Ireland who are committed to raising awareness of the injustice of human trafficking. From small to big events we work as a close team. The successful accomplishments to date are due to a dedicated team not my individual efforts. And as I always say, “it’s better together.”

We each have something in our hand which we can use to help others. A gift, a talent, or a platform of influence. As women we should be the greatest supporters of each other, yet the enemy loves us to feel threatened, bickering, comparing, talking about each other, and pulling each other down. Yet if we truly believe that God has a unique plan for our lives, we can celebrate our friends’ successes. Imagine right now, just for a moment, how powerful it would be if we were to be encouragers of one another.

I dare to believe that we can make a difference in a hurting and lost world as we come alongside one other and each play our part. Micah 6:8 says “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, and to love kindness and mercy, and to humble yourself and walk humbly with your God.” To do justice is to take action to rise up at this moment in history where God has placed us. It’s our watch girls. What are we going to do with it?

With all my heart girls, I believe that in a world where we are bombarded to be, act and look the same, this pressure is against everything God created us to be. God intentionally made us, uniquely, in our mothers womb, to stand out in our differences, running our race with beauty colour and vibrancy. He wants us to shine for Him so that the world will notice in awe and wonder. A smile or an encouraging word can change another person’s day. Lets start there with a revolution of smiling. Dare to believe.

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