40 Acts- do Lent generously.

Every year we arrive at this date and ponder – what will I give up for Lent? Will it be dessert, tv, chocolate, shopping or perhaps Facebook? Giving something up that you normally enjoy is a discipline to focus your thoughts on Jesus, his sacrifice and Easter. Lent can seem a very long season when you are missing something, going without or feeling hungry!
This year you might want to try something different. Something that still requires discipline and focuses you towards Jesus but maybe has a positive effect on those around you. Stewardship have come up with a plan-
40 Acts for Lent. Give something away every day. Be inspired by 40 new ideas to be generous. Sign up online and you will be sent a daily prompt, a challenge to be generous every day for forty days.
Whether you’d like to ‘Create a generosity kit’, ‘Live on a fiver’ or simply ‘Encourage’, you’ll be given 40 nudges in a generous direction. Last year, over 5000 people joined in to create a movement of generosity across the world, so you’re in good company!*NEW for 2013* This year they’re also asking you to create your own 60-second videos on generosity: what does generosity mean to you? – what acts of generosity have you experienced or demonstrated lately? – how has 40acts challenged you? They’d love to hear your stories. You can then upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo, tag them with ’40acts’, and post a link on our Facebook page. Inspire each other to keep going with the 40acts journey!
Are you up for this challenge? Spread the word, and report back to us at Activate your stories, experiences and how God used your efforts.

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    Thanks for your positive comments. The web address for this 40 acts network is

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