Write for us?!

‘Unlocking the Door’ has been a fantastic asset for Activate Your Life since it’s publication in 2005. Ruth Adams and Jan Harney wrote the essence of friendship evangelism in one little blue book. We missed it so much when it went out of print and it is hard to get hold of copies. So…
We want to launch a new edition, tweak the design, go for a new cover and probably a new publisher. The Activate Dream Team are working hard to edit the content, update the websites, check the references and remove out of date content. But we need your help to make the new book come alive! We need fresh stories of lives changed and friendships developed. We need to hear of your ideas, events and mistakes. Nobody holds Virgin Vie parties anymore, but there are new party plans out there that women are enjoying. Few people get excited about Friends Reunited now but Facebook and twitter are changing the way we communicate and we want to hear all bout it. Do you have a website to recommend, a friend for us to interview, a photo to include? We would love this new book to be a countrywide team effort. We want your name to be part of the credits! Contact us at the box on the website or write your idea straight in as a new post. Thank you!

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