Easter-hot cross pudding

I have just tasted the ultimate Easter celebration pudding. Hot Cross Buns made into bread and butter pudding. So simple and yet divine! The 6 buns were spread with lemon curd, (to add a tanginess) and packed together into a baking dish. 12ozs of milk need to be warmed up in a saucepan with 2ozs of double cream. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl, add 1oz of sugar and whisk up, then add to the warm liquid. Pour over the buns, sprinkle with a bit more sugar, leave to rest for 30 minutes. Then cook at 180c for another 30 minutes.
Easy, not expensive and delicious! Entertaining for Easter needn’t be the major Christmas military-style expensive operation. Roast a chicken in the oven ,serve some baked potatoes and peas and invite over someone new. Someone you haven’t had round before. Tell them you are heading out to church first, then back to yours for lunch at one. Maybe they will join you? Easter is a time when people are open to celebrate what they see as ‘traditional’ seasonal occasions. If they are not keen to join you, celebrate with lunch together anyway. Enjoy the simple roast, marvel at the amazing hot cross bun pudding and take a moment to say why Easter is special to you. Enjoy eating mini chocolate eggs together afterwards, or share ‘The Real Easter Egg’ with a message on every part of the packaging.
Or, follow the Scottish tradition and have everyone paint a hard boiled egg as you sit at the table. Then take them outside and roll them down a hill or in the back garden. See who can roll them the furthest, or leave them uncracked the longest. Nothing tastes as good as the smashed up eggs sandwiched with butter and bread and a little bit of grass!! Why do we do that in Scotland – I have no idea, maybe it is one of the first spring days to get outside? Or maybe we can remember the rolling stone as we watch the egg tumbling away. It’s a great conversation starter. Talk about Jesus this Easter.

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