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My name is Beatrice, and I wanted to share part of my story with you. I had pleurisy and pneumonia in the summer of 1997, then there were nodules on my vocal cords. I was rather ‘blue’ as I was totally unable to talk. The doctor said I would never sing again, and would have trouble speaking. I followed the instructions of the speech and language professional whom I still see occasionally. People in my church prayed. I have led worship behind a microphone for a decade or so (not at present)…… Then I went into a burning room in December to check no other staff were in there, and inhaled smoke. I had a 40% decrease in lung capacity. I had just thought I would go back to solo singing! People in the church prayed again. During Saturday morning on the Activate weekend I sang my heart out as there were so many women (150) so any mistake would not be heard. The worship leader said that she had been unable to hit the top C so early in the morning – so well done to someone. The someone was me, or one of the someones. I was amazed that I could be heard above so many. It shows me that healing is well on its way. Maybe I shall audition for a small solo this autumn …. or perhaps next.

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  1. Wow Beatrice, that’s a great story, thank you for sharing it. I remember Joy making that comment because I was thinking to myself ‘I wouldn’t know a top C if it hit me in the face’ but then I’m not musical. Anyway God bless you and may your whole life, not just your voice, ‘sing’ out for him.

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