It’s too cold to go out…. so don’t…. play Badminton !

Family Badminton Event

Idea – We were surprised at this event as to just how many parents and children enjoyed badminton. We hired four courts at our local sports center and a coach to teach the children, as well as a separate room for creative crafts. We then split all the children into two groups, with the first playing badminton and receiving some coaching tips, while the other group made sports crafts, did activity sheets and enjoyed a drink and a snack.

After an agreed time the two groups exchanged. In the meantime, we had two courts for the adults to compete, as well as a steady flow of teas and coffees. Those adults who weren’t too interested in badminton, enjoyed chatting and drinking coffee and watching others. As at the play barn event, we also placed “Connect Live” information boards in the Sports center reception so people could take a leaflet. We ended up giving away leaflets even to those who were not part of our event (but could well be in the future)!

Time – Sunday 4-6pm

Organizing – The craft activities took a bit to organise but the leisure centre were very helpful with booking the badminton instructors.

Adapt to You? – hire a court and invite a family you know, or perhaps one you would like to get to know, for a game of badminton.

Would I do it again? – Yes, but in a different venue. The craft room was quite small and there were a lot more adults than I’d anticipated wanting to play badminton. In hindsight, I’d have booked a third court for them. All in all, the children had a wonderful time and all came out very hot and sweaty.

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