Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV

I saw Easter eggs in my local supermarket today, so Spring is definately on its way. Yes! Which means when I read the latest email from Damaris with information about their new Lent course, ‘Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV’,it all seemed to make perfect sense. Before we know it, we’ll be making pancakes and denying ourselves chocolate for weeks so, why not take a quick look now at what the Damaris team are offering this year – it looks great. A fresh new way of approaching Lent, with none of the traditional self denial. There’s more detail at – or get the idea by reading on.

” Lent is a time of transformation. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Lent course that could help transform your church’s approach to outreach?

Damaris’ book ‘Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV’ argues that television is more than just chewing gum for the eyes, it’s a vital tool for us in sharing our faith with friends, family and neighbours. Applying Romans 12 to our watching habits, the book makes the case for using television both to help us grow in personal holiness and in becoming more effective in sharing our faith.

Now Damaris is producing a Lent course to build on the success of this remarkable book. There are five sessions, each including material from ‘ Get More Like Jesus While Watching TV’ together with ediscussion questions and suggested television clips for your group to watch and talk about together. Best of all, the Leader’s Guide will be available for free download from the beginning of February. Sign up to our free Damaris International News email to receive more information.

Get the book now to read it for yourself, and save money by buying for your group in packs of 10.

What do you want to do this Lent – watch TV or transform your church to share Jesus in your community? Now you can do both.”

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