Radically Ordinary Hospitality – Introduction


I have been thinking a lot about hospitality recently and what it really looks like. I have been listening to a series called Eating and Drinking from Bridgetown Church, Portland, and I want to share this incredible teaching! This series of blogs will be fleshing out some of the content and how it applies to us.

Click here to listen https://bridgetown.church/series/eating-drinking/

Don’t go into frantic Christmas overdrive before reading this series! Join us every Thursday until Christmas as we look at what radically ordinary hospitality is all about.

Here’s the countdown:

22/11/18: Chapter 1

Set the Table

Eating together was so important in first-century Jewish culture.

What we can learn from that?


29/11/18: Chapter 2

Invite the Guests

Who Jesus ate with and why was so important.

Who are we eating with?


6/12/18: Chapter 3

Be the Host

‘Entertainment is sporadic, hospitality is a way of life.’

Step away from the table confetti! We all need to read this one!


13/12/18: Chapter 4

Be Prepared for Next Time

How can we maintain hospitality without edging into judgemental ‘Come Dine With Me’ territory?


20/12/18: Chapter 5

Creative Hospitality

Creative ideas to inspire you to make the most of the sociable season.

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