Christmas Edition…

Activate Your Life Christmas Edition.

As we head towards the big day, we have plenty of time to have fun along the way! Which is your favourite Christmas advert so far? Well, here’s ours! Today we’re bringing you a taste of what to expect from Activate Your Life’s Christmas Edition – a series of videos appearing on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Don’t start your preparations without us! We want to be alongside you, cheering you on, discussing meaningful gifts, sharing devotions from our Be book, and suggesting fun ways to bless others and take time to reflect. It’s all free and available to use in your groups and churches. Videos will be released three times a week and include homemade gift ideas, handy tips from the team, readings and prayers. Just send us a message if you’d like to pre-watch Fiona Castle’s devotions and access the accompanying discussion notes. We’re really happy for you to use them at your own events.


  Our Activate Your life Christmas Edition series will be on our YouTube channel  and will also be released on social media


Activate Your life Christmas Edition Advert





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