You are not special.

Adverts, t-shirts and car stickers bombard us with messages – so many that often we don’t take them in. I was struck recently when I saw a truck with a large bumper sticker telling me – “You are not special”.
We are so used to positive affirming statements that it was a shock and I looked at the truck driver, as we waited at the traffic lights, wondering what had happened to make him display such a sticker. Maybe it was a joke, a reaction against too many cheesey meaningless massages. Or maybe the driver does not feel special, there is no one in his life who makes him feel valued and unique.
I wish I could share with him that God created him as a unique being, that there is no one else like him with his gifts, talents and personality in the world. That God loves him and wants him to be in relationship with Him. That Jesus thought he was so special that He died for him.
Well, he drove off and there is little chance that I will ever see that truck again or that he will read this article!
But as I head out the door this morning there will probably be someone who does need to know they are special who crosses my path today. Perhaps a friend who needs to hear that I value them. Or a conversation will arise about faith. Maybe someone who is working hard in an un-noticed job needs a passer by to make eye contact and say ‘thank you’. Whether by my words or actions, I pray that today I will let someone know that they are special, to me and to God.

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