If I take my courage in both hands,
And tell you who I really am,
Will you hold me gently in your heart,
Letting God’s gracious healing start?

And if I actually voice my fear,
Will it be your laughter I hear?
Or will you tenderly take my hand,
Patiently try to understand?

And if I should verbalise my pain,
Will I be hurt over again?
As you rush to dress my bleeding sores,
Because my pain is touching yours?

If I’m brave enough to share my shame,
Will you ever speak to me again?
Or will you let love’s tears remove the grime,
Revealing treasure in this soul of mine?

And if I come with questions and doubts,
Will you simply talk me out?
Tossing answers from careless hands,
Instead of accepting who I am?

I am scared to tell you who I am,
Perhaps you might not understand,
You see it matters if you like me or not,
Because who I am is all I’ve got!

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