Twenty Four by Krish Kandiah

I have recently been reading the book by Krish Kandiah, “Twenty-Four” and have found it extremely challenging!(Writes Fiona Castle)
As many will know, Krish was the keynote speaker for our recent Activate weekend in Coventry, and was very well received. A couple of his books were on sale there and I picked this one up because I felt that his attitude to his faith really resonated with that of Activate, in terms of evangelism.
This book talks about how we can make the most of every moment; to make every hour of every day an opportunity to be Christians, both in attitude and action.
When I first became a Christian, I was very privileged to have the Rev. Jim Graham as my pastor, who taught me, in very practical ways, not just to understand the Bible, but to apply it in everyday life.
This book is a very powerful reminder of that lesson. Krish talks about applying Biblical principles to every part of our day…..getting up, driving to work, time in the work place, looking after the children, cooking the meals, leisure time, fun time and in every aspect of our twenty four hours.
I thoroughly recommend it as a challenge to our lifestyles and as a gift, especially for new Christians, or those who have little opportunity for teaching or discipleship.

If you are interested in reading more about Krish then look up his blog

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