There’s An App For That…

The media is often talking about how the latest technology will change our lives. Every month something new comes out that claims to be the best. In the last couple of years Apple seems to have led the way. The talk over the summer amongst my family and friends has been the i-revolution.
Over the last few years we’ve adjusted to satellite television, home computers, videos, mobile phones,dvds,the internet, texting and now we have ‘apps’-applications that make your i-pod, i-phone or i-pad useful for a huge variety of tasks and games. The most simple are games which are either free or cost less than a pound. Even people who don’t like games find themselves playing ‘Doodle Jump’ while waiting in the doctor’s surgery or having a quick turn at ‘Dinnerdash’ outside the school gates. My own particular addiction is ‘Glass Tower 2′ which involves saving glass blocks from tipping over the edge. Why do I like it? Maybe it is because the blocks are pretty, there is no time pressure on each task, and it doesn’t involve killing anything. Or, maybe, it is the first game ever that I have reached a higher level than my teenage sons!
There is an app that lets you identify the stars in the night sky above you. And one that lets you navigate the underground or the streets of any major city. Or, you can buy your groceries for the week in less than five minutes, just remember to be home when they are delivered. One app predicts the weather in your location, another translates foreign languages for you. Google and Amazon have their own apps.
Of course, I’m sure there are many apps that are expensive, addictive, immoral, take you away from conversations and are a waste of time. Like any technological leap we have to learn how to use it for good.
There are apps now for daily devotions. Daily Notes have a nifty four page Bible reading, followed by a discussion and a prayer. If, like me, you struggle to find a good time to spend in quietly engaging with the Bible the novelty of this and the ability to pick it up anywhere, is a good starting place.’The Olive Tree’ is a reasonably priced Bible-app that lets you search and read the Bible anywhere, in your chosen translation. Some churches have jumped rapidly onto the i-bandwagon. Saddleback church make it easy to listen to Rick Warren’s sermons.
Last month one of my friends invited me to be her ‘ping-chat’ friend. We can send instant free messages to each other in cute speech bubbles across the Atlantic ocean. I have a nephew who never replied to my emails or texts but is happy to ping-chat in reply.
If this technology helps us to engage in what others are interested in and communicate in relaxed ways with those around us, then I’m in. I’m sure there are others out there who love their pocket sized i-whatever. Reply with your favourite apps and Activators can download together.
I have to go now, level 62 in ‘Glass Tower’ is calling.

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