The One Big Question

Fiona Castle writes –
Recently Michael Baughen, former Bishop of Chester, asked me to write a commendation for his new book, The One Big Question. I did this willingly because he is a man I admire greatly. I was slightly concerned, partly because I was rather busy at the time and I’m a slow reader! I also wondered if it might be too academic for my simple brain! However, I needn’t have worried, because I was rivetted from the start.
The one big question is probably the one most commonly asked of Christians. How can there be a God of love when there’s so much suffering in the world? It is so good to have such a question answered, not in a trite or simplistic way, but in a way that can be useful to us, as Christians, to arm ourselves when asked such questions by our non-believing or sceptical friends and colleagues. It is definitely worth reading and giving as a gift.

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